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Structured Decision Making Workshop Presentation

This presentation addresses the problem statement: How should the USFWS, in partnership with NOAA, MDMR, PIN and NGO's use Atlantic salmon brood stock and the hatchery system to minimize risk of Atlantic salmon decline in terms of abundance, distribution, and genetic diversity within the three Salmon Habitat Recovery Units given current and future budget constraints? In addressing this problem it is particularly imperative that the decision process be transparent and recognizes the importance and values of our partners.

Publication Date: 2013

Modification Date: Sat 04 Jan 2014 08:55:12 PM

Contributors: Mike Millard , Meredith Bartron , John Sweka , Laury Zicari , Jed Wright , Joe Zydlewski , John Kocik , Dan Kircheis , Oliver Cox , Dan McCaw , Dwayne Shaw , Peter Lamothe

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