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Swimming with Atlantic salmon
Join narrator Paul Christman of the Maine Department of Marine Resources as he follows the life stages of Atlantic salmon in the Kennebec River watershed.
The Fish that Feeds All
Alewives and blueback herring are two ecologically and economically important species that can be found in Downeast Maine's rivers. The contents of this video reflect the perspectives of alewife and blueback herring harvesters and other community members who are working to restore and maintain healthy fish populations in Downeast Maine. This video was produced as part of an oral history project carried out by Maine Sea Grant and NOAA Fisheries in the spring of 2014 with financial support from NOAA’s Preserve America Initiative. To learn more about the fisheries heritage of Downeast Maine, visit Contributors: NOAA Fisheries, Maine Sea Grant
Veazie Dam: Freeing the East Channel
On October 10, 2013 the Sargent Corp. breached the cofferdam that allowed them to remove the main section of the Veazie Dam. After breaching, workers trucked materials to the other side of the cofferdam to extend it back to the west shoreline so they could continue removing the foundation of the forebay wall, the remainder of the fish ladder, and other infrastructure near the Veazie powerhouse. The east channel of the Penobscot River at this site now flows freely over bedrock for the first time in 100 years!
Veazie Dam Removal Update: Progress on Freeing the West Channel
October 23, 2013
Veazie Dam Removal Ceremony & Breaching
On July 16 2013 over 300 people were present for the ceremony which included speeches from key member organizations and partners, the Burnurwurbskek Singers, smudge ceremony, and the eventual breaching of the dam.
Veazie Dam Comes Down
A breaching of the Veazie Dam, lowermost obstruction on the Penobscot River, was celebrated July 22, 2013. The removal is a major milestone in the restoration of the Penobscot River.

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