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Flat Fish Activity

Have you heard of Flat Stanley? Our Flat Fish activity will get you and your family outside looking for the best waterfront spots to share your enthusiasm for helping fish migrate!

We have quick instructions below, but click on detailed instructions and cartoon instructions (!) for more information. Also, learn a little about what makes migration tough!

  1. Download and print a flat fish of your choice (below).
  2. Find a nice spot (maybe alongside a river or stream) and snap a photo of yourself holding your flat fish.
  3. Make note of your location (use GPS, street address or detailed description).
  4. Download, print, and sign a photo release form. Make sure you check the "Grant Unrestricted Use of Likeness" box or we won't be able to use your photo.
  5. Email your picture, location and your signed release form to 
  6. Give us a few days and then look for your picture on our interactive map and in our flat fish gallery

Have questions? Please contact:

Laury Zicari
USFWS Maine Field Ofice
17 Godfrey Lane, Suite 2
Orono, ME 04473
(207) 866-3344 x 111

Are you looking for outreach materials for our Great Lakes flat fish activity?
Please visit

Flat Fishes

Download and print your very own flat fish! These beautiful illustrations feature four of Maine's "sea-run" fish.  If you do not have access to a large format printer and you are interested in having flat fish for your group or classroom.

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Are you excited about World Fish Migration Day? Share your enthusiasm with a fun poster illustrated by Maine artist and biologist Laury Zicari!  if you do not have access to a large format printer and you are interested in a large poster for your group or classroom.