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Emily Powell

Powell, Emily

Climate scientist Emily Powell came to the North Atlantic LCC from the South Central Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University, where she worked on the front lines of climate change leading and managing projects and initiatives to raise awareness about climate impacts as the communications and outreach coordinator. 

In her role as the Coastal Resilience Research Associate with the Atlantic and Gulf Coast Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs), Powell focused on fostering collaboration among LCCs to help deliver information and tools that can increase the resilience of communities and coastal resources.

Powell developed an interest in coastal resilience while earning her PhD in geography with a minor in disaster science management at Louisiana State University. As a Research Fellow at Louisiana State University’s Coastal Sustainability Studio (CSS), she served as the climate scientist on an interdisciplinary team of landscape architects, designers, city and urban planners, engineers, and ecologists working on the Louisiana Resiliency Assistance Program. The position also involved working with Louisiana Sea Grant to address local impacts from sea level rise for the small Louisiana community of Pointe Aux Chenes by combining physical data with traditional ecological knowledge gathered by Louisiana Sea Grant from members of the Point-Aux-Chien Indian Tribe. Concurrent to her work with the CSS at LSU, Powell was working on her dissertation, producing a comparative assessment of how climate extremes are changing across the southeastern United States. 

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