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4/27/2020 OCC Meeting Minutes


Publication Date: 2020

Modification Date: Wed 29 Apr 2020 01:22:03 PM

Contributors: dfrechette

Attached is the draft that we worked on during our call yesterday.

Draft history:

  • Justin edited the draft that Max provided last week
  • Sarah and Max put considerable time into the draft yesterday in advance of the meeting and worked with Jean Higgens to clarify the text and make it more concise. Their goal was to make sure the language used truly means something
  • During the call yesterday, we went though the document point by point and added more clarifying text and identified a few things that needed to be added (in track changed comments)
  • Specifically, the need for language on how the OCC would help the CMS deliver on Tribal Trust responsibilities (Angie & Sarah will work on this language and bring in Dan McCaw)
  • Angie also identified the need to better clarify that there are two objectives: outreach to the public and supporting internal comms. We need to identify this better in the opening sections of the document and make sure it is carried through

Next steps identified:

  • Sarah and Max will update Dan Kircheis that we are nearly ready with a document, but need a bit more time. Goal is for Dan K. to let the Implementation Team know this is coming at today’;s meeting, and have the document ready to present to the I.T. at the next meeting in 2 weeks
  • Edit document to include  the language needed as identified above
  • Meet again via Teams so we can all look at the document next Monday (5/4/2020 3:30 pm – see Teams link below)


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