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The Atlantic Salmon Recovery Framework

The Atlantic Salmon Recovery Framework is a partnership between state, tribal, and federal resource agencies working together to identify and implement management actions with the greatest potential to further the recovery of Atlantic salmon.

What is the Framework?

The National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Maine Department of Marine Resources and the Penobscot Indian Nation have been working together over the past few years to coordinate and prioritize efforts on behalf of wild Atlantic salmon. We share a strong interest in ensuring that our individual and combined resources are used in the most efficient and effective manner to maximize our collective ability to successfully protect and recover endangered Atlantic salmon. The result of those collaborations is an Atlantic Salmon Recovery Framework. The documents below include more detailed information.

Informing and Engaging the Public

We are very interested in seeking public comments on our activities as well as the opportunity to hear about complementary activities being undertaken by others on behalf of salmon. To facilitate this information exchange, we intend to hold annual meetings during which we will describe the activities we have undertaken over the past year, the status of wild salmon, and the plans for the coming year. We also created this centralized website to gather all the various information related to Atlantic salmon from the many partners involved in the restoration effort. Learn more...


Framework meetings occur throughout the year. We rotate our meeting locations through the different salmon habitat recovery units (SHRUs) to make them more accessible to the geographically dispersed partners involved in Atlantic salmon recovery. When available, our meeting schedules, agendas and presentations will be posted on this site. Learn more...

Action Teams

The Framework consists of seven action teams. Teams include scientists and managers from federal, tribal and state agencies with specific skills and expertise. They may also include outside experts who provide technical, scientific or feasibility information. Learn more...

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